James Dona's Bio

James Dona is a writer of Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Memoirs, and Southern Lit.

His real name is James D. Cummins. His first three Mystery novels form a Sea Stories Trilogy:

The Souse American Run

The Sea Chameleon,

Maelstrom Mill.

These novels were published by AmErica House and Publish America. They are now out of print, but used copies may still be available on the internet from barnesandnoble.com, and amazon.com. He is currently working on a historical novel titled PRIVATE SAWBONES

A brief bio showing the background of the author:

He was born in Lima, Ohio, lived on a farm in Indiana, spent two years in the Tampa Bay area, and graduated from high school in Fairhope Alabama. After high school he worked as a radio repairman before going to sea. He started shipping out of New Orleans, spent some time in New York City, and then moved to San Francisco. He graduated with a BSEE from UC Berkeley, and later graduated from Santa Clara University with masters in computer science. He worked for thirty years as an electronics engineer in " Silicon Valley" before retiring to write. After three years participating in a senior's memoir writing class, during which he wrote THE SOUSE AMERICAN RUN, based on some of his adventures in the Merchant Marine. He moved to Columbus, Georgia, where he taught memoir writing for four years at Columbus Academy of Lifelong Learning, while writing THE SEA CHAMELEON, and MAELSTROM MILL.

He is currently writing a Civil War historical novel, based on the experiences of his great grandfather, who served in the Tenth Regiment from South Carolina until the surrender of the "Army of Tennessee" two weeks after Appomattox.